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Evidence of Life On Lockdown

In Video from Nepal: Devendra Karki 

Managing Director at Ai boutique Hotel

Thanks to my precious Friend Mark Porter for this wonderful video.

Please, Partner, share with us what happening in your country in this lockdown time.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Devendra 

Thank you very much for this thoughtful video....It’s very nice to hear and see what’s happening in the whole world in these difficult times.


Greece is under a lockdown until 27.4 but probably there will be an extension until 10.5.


Thanks again for sharing your video...stay safe and stay healthy.

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Aiboutiquehotel 3 years ago

You welcome M.Adamopoula. Yes In Nepal also they had extended it till 30/04/2020. Hope it will be ok soon.

Stay safe stay healthy.

Best Regards:Devendra Karki