extranet design for home hosting

As a host who receives guests at his home, the following aspects of Booking.com Extranet interface are not adequate:

  1. We require one day befor AND after each booking to prepare the place for the next guests. The Extranet does not cater for this need, and leaves the host with no better choice than manually closeing rooms after the receipt of each booking. This manual solution has proven inadequate and problematic for the host as well as for the guest and has caused forced cancelation of bookings involving Booking.com staff. Adding the option of automatically closing the property the day before and after a booking would be extremely helpful for all parties.
  2. Since we host guests in our home, we need to be able to have control of bookings. The solution would be to grant the host the option of deciding to either accept or deny all booking requests. Automatic aproval of booking requests, without the hosts' input, is not an acceptable solution for hosting guests at our home.

Agnes & David Peck 1 year ago

We had help on this recently and hope this will help you too. See below.

On your Extranet, go to Calendar, then select period you want this to apply, click Edit, scroll down to restrictions, select plan, then minimum advance reservation