fake reservations by agoda


I have a property witch I advertise at booking.com. My property has only 1 villa. ( 10675743 )

Recently I get reservations for my villa by people who want to rent for 1 day. However within 24h they cancel the reservation.

I contacted Booking.com and we found out that the reservations are made by Agodo..

On these reservation there was always the same a adress in Bangkok and a fake Indonesian phone number.

I never singed up with agoda and I don´t want to work with them.


My problem is those fake reservations block my calender becouse I have only 1 villa.

A genuine client can not book my room becouse it is occupied by yhose fake reservations.

I want to be removed from the agoda platform..... How do I do that?


Hope you can help me.

Kind regards

Vergoosen Rudy