Feature Request : Non Public Property Type Mask Location Address and Map Pin


Hi Communities Team  


So one thing we may not realise is there are many types of properties, and quite a few are not public like hotels.


Recently there has been some topics on this and  some partners have removed their listings due to this compromise of security.


  • In this scenario, when a listing displays a mini map and full address, before booking it can be seen as a security issue.
  • The feature request is to only show the detailed map location and full address post booking.
  • So  when it is someone browsing, there is only a partial address and a Fog of War on a map location with a circle on the road representing the general area it is in.
  • By Partial address I mean at most, Street name, city, county, country.


Kind regards

Yawar Abbas 3 years ago

I had similar issue and now I am thinking of removing my listing.

Recently, there was a guy who showed up at my address and said he wants to book a room at my place. He asked me for a discount since he is not registering through booking.com. He found my address from booking.com.

I was surprised and worried if people keep coming like this on my door. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Yawar Abbas

I guess it will also be different for different types of partners.

As some will welcome the walk-in bookings since there will be no commission on it.

Glass half full V half empty.

To date I've only ever had one in this way. And yes I did offer a better price, as that would be the right thing to do.


Then on the other side of this I can understand some will not want walk-ins, in particular those properties that are remotely managed.


I found a handy way to deal with  walk-ins,  when you are not there is to have a remote video doorbell such as the ring.com devices.


So if someone was to turn up for a last minute request, in theory you could if you have code based access, simply ask them for a phone number or give them one to ring.


Then once on phone , confirm availability, and a payment method over phone etc, accept the payment, remotely activate a new door code, give them the door code and then are now 10 -15 minutes later, all sorted and have checked in.

Having cameras like ring.com , blink etc will allow you to remote monitor approach, many of these have an intercom.







Jonathon Marshall 3 years ago

I have removed my listing until this is sorted. I can see some properties do not show full address as well so booking dot com is not consistent

Courtney Maiden 3 years ago

Does anyone have an update on this??


It should definitely be an option for a property to hide their location before a booking is made! Living in South Africa, house break-ins are common and it  is too easy for criminals to scout a property using booking.com photos.


Publicly showing the location of a property risks both guests and permanent residents!

Magdalena Pakoca 2 years ago

I agree, this is an issue. I have had my flat on Airbnb until now and just started on booking. It'' s not cool to not have an option of only showing general location and displaying the exact address for quests who booked. 

BrookAve 2 years ago

Don't hold your breath, it will never be done

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Didem - Commun… 2 years ago

Hi BrookAve, brilliant idea, thank you! Security is vital. I promise to share this suggestion with our product teams in my next communications with them. @Kirsteen Barr-Kearsey, for your information, and thanks for asking!

GuangHui Chuan 1 year ago

Hi Team, any updates on this feature and whether it will still be implemented? 


Alex Do 10 months ago

Please add this feature. I'm not going to use booking.com until I can hide my address.

Dara Sanderson 8 months ago

I concur.  This is an issue that should be addressed immediately. (And it’s not even that heavy of a technical lift.)  This SOP for most sites offering vacation rentals in private residences so what exactly is the problem here?

Tania Wunderling 7 months ago

 I am concerned for any guest that may be staying at my property and a person who got the address off of booking.com show up at the address. 
This is not only a host issue, this is a guest issue. 
This may be something that can detour bookings if guests are aware of this information being listed right below the name of the property. If the property is secluded someone’s safety is compromised.  Please reconsider your policy