We have been sending messages to your finance department and are being ignored and being billed commissions for no shows that have been reported,  we are also being charged commission on Government taxes.  Commissions are charged on room rates and not Government taxes and service charge.  Please email us with a telephone number so that we can speak with someone responsible or respond via email.  We are being robbed as booking.com cuts us off if these payments are not made.  This is absolutely disorganized inefficient service.

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello @Evan Skeete

Regarding the service charge and resort fees, these are a commissionable amounts according to the terms and conditions on the contract. However, for the government taxes, the commission should not apply, please contact Customer Service to verify these are correctly set.

Regarding the no-shows. I am adding a link here on How to mark "No Shows" to avoid being invoiced. Remember that you have 48hrs to mark them as such and when marked, you will be asked if you wish to waive the penalty for the no-show.

Hope this helps.


Gd Dolidze 1 year ago

Same here! I sent a message asking for the instructions before we had an invoice. Answer was to use dispute when we have an invoice. I asked again if this is the only solution and answer was again yes.
However our dispute was rejected and they said those instructions meant nothing as we were notified by email earlier. Now we have to pay those commissions.

So as you see BDC can ignore or even give you wrong instructions.... and then charge! This is BDC!