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I am new to booking.com and had my first guests on Saturday night and she left the place in a very bad state. There was takeaway containers and food everywhere and dirty dishes and towels everywhere. She entered the private room which we told her not to use and took extra towels and they were all over the floor (bearing in mind she only stayed one night and I left 4 towels for 2 people)  The heat was put up to full when we said it was on a thermostat and not to be touched and every light was left on. I am used to Airbnb and never in the 3 years of doing Airbnb I have had my place left like this. I need to clarify if it works the same , when people stay you leave it as you find it? I do have a manual on the table about this and notices about lighting and switches so it is very clear and also about disposing of rubbish.


Of course she wrote me a review saying I was rude as I sent a polite text saying it was in a very bad state and she said she was not a cleaner!! The review will not be published yet until I receive 3. I copy and pasted my text I sent to her in the reply.

I have got another 2 night booking and need to know if they are expected to leave it as they find it. If anyone can help that would be great.


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BrookAve 3 years ago


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Hi Maeve 


Unfortunately some people think they are paying for you to clean it yourself.

They also think there is no comeback on them if they ignore the rules, and up to a point they are right, since they unlikely will be coming back.


Especially if there was no deposit involved.


Its the same no matter which OTA a guest books through, if there is no deterent.


what do you mean by - "The review will not be published yet until I receive 3. " ??


As for future bookings, all you can do is decide to take a deposit and or put up posters  - reminders .


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