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The four-legged guest experience: How do you welcome pets?

Hello all! Or as we say in the Netherlands, Hoi allemaal! (How do you say it where you live?)

We recently published an article about pets on Click, and I wanted to share it with the community. For this article, I interviewed a partner in the US who runs a chain of pet-friendly hotels called Staypineapple Hotels. Cats are welcome at their property, but they call themselves "dog-obsessed" - and it shows. I was very impressed by some of the things they do to welcome pets and their owners. For example, they only charge a single pet fee for two dogs. That’s very pet-friendly! They also have an excellent list of their pet policies that I think could inspire other partners. 

And it made me wonder: what do partners in the community do to make pet owners feel at home? If you allow pets, are there any rules of thumb that you follow or things that you do that you think are smart - or that you've learned along the way? 

pet friendly door hangers
A unique value proposition: this hotel gives pet owners the option of leaving their dog in the room while exploring the city. Just hang one of these on the door.


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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

We allow dogs in most properties. We don't do anything special as most dog owners will bring everything they need. Ultimately, the primary customer is the human, not the dog.

But we also have to warn all guests that the systems are a mess, the calendar sync is broken and that refuse to acknowledge or deal with errors in their systems. But that's just how it is ......