A fraudulent Behaviour with my property

John Morgan is advertising my property as a host when it is unavailable and should not be available. The property is empty and people are turning up having booked and paid via him aS host and finding property empty and unavailable to stay. 
This has happened at least 4 times in the past year to my knowledge as I presently live in Cyprus.  

. It is now a police matter and I need booking.com to remove my property from their web site. Surely bookings must have been reported as unavailable. 
Property: 57 Olivier Close Burnham on Sea Somerset TA81R. I am able to still book it today even through not been available since June 2022 I would like you to Renove the property from booking.com immediately.

Please tell me as owner who has received the booking fees?   The police and my solicitor will need such information.   If you require proof of my ownership you can contact Berrymans estate agent in Burnham on Sea who are dealing with my sale. 

Dr Christine Hall. 

Andrea 4 months ago

Hi Christine,

Please be careful posting your private details on a public forum like this. 

Booking.com only monitors this website, but nobody responds here. 


In your situation, I think the best you can do is contact BdC via https://www.booking.com/customer-service.html

This page doesn't actually work for me, but it should usually have a list of worldwide phone numbers. 


Wishing you all the best and hope you get your property removed from the site asap!


chrismhall.me.com 4 months ago

Thank you but tried to get through to someone so many times but without hosting details I can’t speak with anyone.  

Andrea 4 months ago

To be honest, even with hosting details we struggle...


Some things you could try:

  • register your house as accommodation on BdC - hopefully you will be able to get in touch;
  • ask someone near you with a BdC listed property to help you get in touch with someone;
  • social media (Glenn Fogel is CEO and is apparently on social media);
  • globalguru@booking.com
  • customer.service@booking.com
  • Fax: +31 (0) 20 7125609 (apparently from the head office).
  • make a reservation and use the reservation number to get in touch

Sorry, really running out of ideas here for you :(