"Genius audience to include all Booking.com account holders", discounts for all guests now?

I received the following comms from BDC, does this mean that all guests are now eligible for Genius so everyone gets the discount you have setup? Is this not just wholesale discounting across the platform?


Dear partner,

We recently extended the Genius audience to include all Booking.com account holders. We’re making some changes to our Genius rate sharing settings so logged-in account holders on our partner and affiliate channels can access Genius rates too.

How does Genius rate sharing work?

To maximise your visibility, we may share your Genius rates across three different types of external channels. Each one requires the customer to have logged in first, meaning your Genius rates will never appear in public.

The channels we partner with are:

1. The Booking Holdings group which includes Agoda and Priceline

2. Partners of Booking.com such as corporate booking engines

3. Meta search engines such as Google and Kayak (requires a Booking.com account)

No action needed

You’re already sharing your Genius rates across these channels so you don’t need to take any further action. We’ll update the rate sharing criteria across our partner and affiliate channels to include all customers with an account within 15 days from the date you receive this email.

You're in complete control

If you’d prefer to limit the visibility of your Genius rates to just Booking.com, you can easily opt out any time you want. This can be done via the extranet under the ‘Manage your audience’ tab in your Genius Hub.

For further information regarding rate sharing, take a look at our Genius terms and conditions.

Kind regards,

The Genius team at Booking.com



Sanjoy 2 years ago

I can see you can suspend Genius for 30 days but where to opt out full time?

Sanjoy 2 years ago

Found it, hidden on the bottom of the Choose rooms page.