Going mad with booking.com

I am SO frustrated with the so called customer service team at this appalling company. Their system allowed a double booking - because it failed to recognise an AirBnB booking that had been in place for three weeks - and have told the guest it was my fault and I am being investigated. She has been sending abusive and threatening messages through the system, so they can see them, but they are still allowing her to threaten and demand 'compensation' - making out it is up to me to pay her!!!

They just won't accept responsibility for the system being the problem and have been exacerbating the issues with the 'guest' by pandering to her unreasonable behaviour. This is incitement to aggression and has got to the point I have considered calling the police, because of the threats (She just can't see that there is nothing I can do about the situation which wasn't caused by me - but has told me I 'need to watch out'!)

Any tips on what to do? Every time this mad woman contacts booking.com I get yet another message telling me I'll have to pay to relocate her - and the last call was about her wanting compensation.

She won't stop as she clearly is unreasonable and can't see what has happened - but booking.com are allowing her to think this is a problem I have caused. With her obvious unbalanced mind I'm concerned this could get very much out of hand.

I'm at the end of my tether as I've spent two days trying to deal with this.

BrookAve 2 years ago


  1. Calendar Availability
    1. Your responsibility only, no one else.
    2. iCAL sync is not a thing, causes overbooking known fact.
    3. Always block the opposite OTA calendar when you get a booking if have have NOT signed up for a Channel Manager service.
  2. Guest unrealistic expectations 
    1. Be polite at all times no matter what you say.
    2. Dont entertain aggressive guest, set them straight, 'you either behave or yon can go elsewhere, and not entitled to a refund'. put them in their place. i.e. be firm but fair. and use Management reserve the right to refuse admission.
    3. She is not entitled to legal compensation, that is NOT a thing.
    4. Just ignore block the phone number/ ignore the caller id. dont respond anymore.



message or phone BdC support and cancel it, just end it now and not let it go any further.

Cease replying to her.

did she actually prepay for this booking? to you or BdC?


Sarah Finneran 2 years ago

Oh yes!. Booking.com allowed a double booking on my calendar even though the original guest was through booking.com. Can you believe it. The "fight" went on for 4 days with me saying this was a bdc fault, not mine. They gave in eventually but nobody will explain how it happened and what I can do to stop it happening again. It is like dealing with robots, a different person every time who just gives the same answer and never answers your questions. I have had to block out my calendar until I have the energy to go back to it!  

Janet Kelly 2 years ago

I ended up threatening to call the police because their problem meant I was getting abusive and threatening messages from the prospective guest. (Glad they weren’t going to stay!!)

they didn’t do anything but they did stop asking me to find alternatives and blaming me...I just never heard from them again. 
I’m using sync bnb now and they’re so responsive and helpful.