Guest Booking Page - Remove Request Quiet Room from Ask A Question

If a guest opens the booking page , under section Ask A Question , for the Property Host Partner they see this.


[] I would like a quiet room


Many partner now are experiencing too many messages due to this new option. 

As to whether or not it is new is not the point.

The point is this is nonsensical, and utterly ridiculous, and needs to be disabled asap.


You wouldnt go home to your parents, family, relations home and say : "I would like a quiet room".


There is no such sense of entitlement anywhere. Too many variables that can contribute to a noisy room which are out of the control of the host partner.


  • City traffic, emergency services sirens, police sirens etc.
  • Neighborhood sounds
  • Next door room or room above you thing floors/walls, no soundproofing.
  • Other guests arrival late
  • Other guests coming back late drunk , singing etc.


Yes you can complain to the host ,but lets get real....

Its not there fault and in most cases nothing realistically they can do short of bulldozing and rebuilding with soundproofing... 


It all comes down to managing realistic expectations.


 Its also possible the guest thought they were clicking  on - I would like free parking and instead mis-clicked it.


Its also possible they see it and go, oh yeah I would like that, never see nthat before so lets click it since there is no cost associated with it.


Maybe next to - I would like a quiet room should be ( extra cost starting from 200 euro). THat would put a stop to guests clicking on it too. lol


Please remove this Guest option asap.


Plenty of host partners in the last week have expressed rage at this feature, so clearly its not just me saying it.


Please Communities Team  send this feedback to the relevant team.


remove quiet room



Meri Vujnović 3 years ago

They really seem to be full of problems right now, this in combination with no property page views data is making everything very frustrating.