guest doesn't answering msgs


A guest booked our place (home) for a week on may 2019.

We sent him a message from Booking website on the second of April to see if he is coming and who is coming with him so we can prepare for them but he didn't answer.

We need to know if we should prepare our place for his arrival (him and his family are 6 people) or not.

What can we do? how can we make sure what is going on (one way or another)?

Thanks ahead,


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hmmm, you got me thinking here...Talistarer

Does the person have an email? Or a cellphone? Or a website? Can you reply there? Or facebook , twitter account?

You can start with : Special Request :

or Please message me back BDC writes the emails under reservations.

You must know that since you wrote already. I would go by the flow. Preparing as you would normally do, and if there are extra persons, you just tell them that you were not sure what to prepare, since he didn't answer the message.

If people book it may help to ask that question on the day of booking, if possible. I know that some guests are on the road a lot and don't always have reception. But in that case, you have done what you could.

Things will fall into place, hopefully.

Wishing you the best,


Aaltje B.

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Janefryer 3 years ago

I have had no response from several messages to two guests. I have even used google translate to write in their chosen language but still no response. They did not leave a telephone number upon booking so I have no other way of contacting them. Bdc says I need to wait until my latest meeing time (8pm) on day of arrival and then I go home. One cannot do anymore except waste time and wait until your obligation is fulfilled.