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15th of March just before my country Malaysia announced full lockdown for traveler due to covid-19 pandemic, I had a guest from Morocco. He started to book room from 15/3/2020 onward and renewed his booking continuously for 25 times until 9/5/2020. He stayed for almost 2 months.

During his stayed everything went on well however he has accumulated his F&B bills to almost RM1700 and just ran away on the last day without paying the bill and damaging the hotel property.

I have made police report and reported this incident to booking.com.

The gust tried to tarnish my property name on booking.com website by giving reviews of the lowest. So far this guest has made no1 reviews 6 times which has lowered my property review score from average of 8.5 to 7.9. These reviews are purely baseless and have been reported to booking.com with all the proofs. Booking.com replied in my inbox  saying it is Appropriate for a global audience, Travel related
Genuine and unique, Respectful of others’ privacy.

How do I make booking.com understand that this reviews are slander to my property and done by a conman who ran away without paying the bills.

I have email to booking.com 6 times on this same issue and what I get is standard auto reply from them as above. Who should I go to when robots are replying to my emails? Is there any other why to handle this?


For the note I have average 8 in Agoda, I'm Superhost in Airbnb for 6 consequent times, and holding 8.5 in booking. I am seriously considering terminating partnership with booking when you don’t feel appreciate and ill treated  

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

I am really sorry this has happened to you, particularly at this time.  Unfortunately booking.com do not usually change guests reviews even though they seem unfair.  Have you reported the guest via the reservation page for misconduct where you can also ban from staying again.

You have posted this on the partner forum so we cannot help further.  You can call the booking.com help team using link for local phone numbers. 



WAN 3 years ago

Thank you Sharon for your suggested. The misconduct tab is de-highlighted.

I have also spoken to local support but has fallen to deaf ears again and again.

I have also checked booking.com rating as a company. they are only 2 out 5 ..well I guess it fits them.


Evacarlgren 3 years ago

I also had a most troublesome guest yesterday here in Spain. He was supposed to arrive with a party of 4 people but turned up with a party of 8 which I refused as it says clearly on the site that I accept only 4 persons maximum. After hours loitering outside my gate for hours shouting abuse they left after defocating, urinating and spitting all over my gate. After numerous calls to Booking they agreed not to accept the party of 8 and told me to click on a NO SHOW next to the guests reservation so they could not leave a review. That is all the help I got from Booking. I feel I want to (and Booking should too) warn other private tenants about this guest. Where can I do this apart from here?