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Guest review awards Booking 2018 Hotel Santorini Neiva


For the work team of the Santorini Hotel in the City of Neiva, we are very happy to receive the Guest review awards Award 2018, it really was a huge surprise to receive this distinction and be together with many of you as the best of 2018, what It motivates us to continue working with the love and all the dedication to always provide the best service and attention to all our guests.

Via Email we received the news from the Booking team and we are waiting for the certificate that we will proudly display in our hotel.

Thank you in advance to Booking for your support since the use of your platform has been of great help to grow and taking into account the positive and negative comments from our customers we improve every day. 

Thanks to everyone from Colombia .. !! 

Hotel Santorini Neiva.

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Laura, Communi… 4 years ago

Congratulations on your successful year Hotel Santorini Neiva! You should receive your physical award in the post shortly, so snap a photo and share it with us once you've placed it a special spot :)

Your fellow partners are celebrating the news in this thread, so feel free to jump in as well!

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Hotelsantorinineiva 4 years ago

Thanks for your information Laura, we will be commenting our experiences in the section.