Guest review to be removed

Dear Booking!

We've already sent some messages regarding some problems, but we never got any feedback which we think it's not a great customer and partner service. 

We would appreciate very much to get responses, especially during these hard times. 

We noticed you few weeks before regarding one of our reservations when the guest didn't get the check in information from the templates which should be sent automatically. Probably the site team was doing some modifications in the system and the message was sent on the day after the guests arrived which caused big problem for them and for the other guests too. 

Never happened a similar problem, but due to this we got a very bad review from the guest and they wrote also that the problem was that the massage didn't arrive in time.

We would like to ask you to remove that guest review (*** - 6.0) because this bad review is not because of our fault!

We have average 9.0 ratings and it shows also that this 6.0 happened from other reasons, independent from us as the guest wrote too. 

Please, consider this message and the fact that we did everything for the guest and we should be not punished because of others' mistake.

Thank you for your feedback and hopefully you help to your customer in this case.


Kind regards, 

Dori and Mike, Vagabond Historic B&B