Guest Review Process

Good Afternoon All,

Just thought I would start a discussion on the new guest review metrics that have been introduced by B.com.

As a small property that prides itself on 10/10 for what we offer, we are now faced with review scores sub 5.

The 6 metrics:

  1. Staff;
  2. Location;
  3. Comfort;
  4. Cleanliness;
  5. Facilities;
  6. Value for money;

These metrics from what I can understand mean little now and it's an overall guest experience that determines the final property score. You can score 10/10 for all of the above and still end up at 8. Or you can average 8 overall and end up with a 5.

We are concerned as the property score is determined by 1 value, and if your guest at no fault of the property has had a bad day when the review email hits their email, or had a *** drive back home and scores your property poorly then bad luck, your efforts in achieving high scores for the 6 metrics was all for nothing.

I feel this needs to be changed and changed as soon as possible. it's an unfair system and in todays online world properties need to be represented in an accurate way.

Happy to be proven incorrect, or if you can add your experience I would love to hear it.


Thanks Heaps,