Guest showed up with a pet I had not known about.

A guest booked a room and did not let us know they were bringing a pet. At the time they booked, we had accepted pets but not in that room. Could I have refused their booking and sent them on their way?

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey there,

It's a difficult question. Did you specify anywhere on your Booking.com platform/description that one specific room type does not accept pets? As far as I know you can either indicate that the whole property accepts pets or the whole property does not accept pets.

So my opinion is no, you could not have sent them away. You will need to find a work around.

Keep us updated if you find something!

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Ed & Barbara 5 years ago

We are listed as no pets or service animals because we are not ADA(American Disability Act In the U.S.) we can't qualify to be ADA because of stairs(66) leading down to our waterfront rentals and do not allow animals on our property because of guests requesting non-animals rooms...to make a long story short we are now dealing with the DOJ (Dept of Justice) because we will not allow service animals..we are caught in a mess...ADA says under 5 units, we are in a historical preservation district and can't change structure of the 66 stairs...so has anyone else dealt with this..