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Guest woke everybody up at 4.00am

Hey all,

Last night at 4.00 am, we heard a dreadful banging on our door. My family and guests were all asleep. Eventually husband and I went downstairs to open the door. 

There was a guest from who had booked last minute. What he did not seem to understand was that check  for his reservation would only start at 3.00 pm, 11 hours later. I explained this to him several times and sent him away to his taxi. I rang booking and got a rep at about 4.40 am. I told her that he would need some sort of assistance.

Problem was he woke up everybody including other guests.I never got back to sleep, neither did my husband who had to go to work. One of the guest rooms is looking for a refund, they  were not a guest and it was not his fault, his sleep was broken. it was entirely the fault of this guest. who arrives 11 hours early??

Who should pay for the refund ? It was not my fault, not the checked in guest, but the guest. 

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Sara Jarvis 3 years ago

I’m thinking if you refund you will pay, but what if it had been a neighbour banging for would rush to get an ambulance it’s happened twice in this year to me, not my fault but woke everyone up.

This is not your fault do not give a refund

it called Life.

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Sara Jarvis 3 years ago

Cassid to avoid this again always get your guest to give you an estimated time of arrival and confirm in a 24 hr clock manner.Ive had Chinese guests who do not speak or read English and if I don’t get an ETA I get cs to ring guests in their own language to confirm.Then I ask cs for a message on eztranet

no I’m not a Sargent Major just had too many bad reviews from guests turning up when they feel like it.