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Guestroom discount during power outage?

Our California electric-power company just issued a regional warning that electricity might be turned-off soon for a few days in our mountain community.  Thankfully, our weather is currently warm and mild.  So, no need for heating or cooling our guestrooms.


Nearly every night this week, my house's downstairs guestrooms are rented to various guests.


If our house electricity is out for a few days, can Booking,com offer a partial refund for my guests' inconvenience?  There will be no electricity for my guests to watch television or have lights at night, a cold refrigerator, a working coffee maker, microwave oven, etc.



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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

I would see about hiring in a generator for a few days - could save you a lot of time, hassle and complaints! If course, you'd need an electrician to wire it up so that everything in the house works as normal. Remember that if guests are not happy, bad reviews can be very bad for you ....

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Don Burns 3 years ago

Our entire Northern California region was without electricity for the past 40 hours.  The power just returned 30 minutes ago, that affected 2.1 million people.


Fortunately, our last guest was here on a company business trip.  His office seminar was canceled the next day, as there was no local electricity in the presentation room.  His headquarters manager told him to return home, because of the electrical problem.


But we treated him to our evening's barbecue dinner, by candlelight, before he left for the airport to fly home.  I will still receive his three-night payment from Booking,com.