My current guests arrived yesterday and in they reservation they stated that there would be 2 adults and 1 baby(0). For the whole few days before they arrival they did not message me back and on the day of arrival also.

I send my father to check if everything is alright, and he found that with 2 adults there is also an  "baby" of 14 years. He was not aware that we have policy which states that kids older than 12 have to pay extra of 9euro/per night for stay.


What can I do to make it happen?


Thx in advance

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Edo


You might want to look at the bigger picture,

is it worth the hassle?  Potential bad review/feedback, etc.



If you really want to just message or call BdC support for their side to contact the guest and  if they paid via BdC, prepaid, then they can adjust the invoice and charge the same payment method from guest.



Kind Regards


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Edo Hrabrov 3 years ago

It is actually worth more than 18euro. I did not state anywhere how long are they staying.

Edo Hrabrov 3 years ago

How I can message bookin.com directly from my extranet as I can not seem to find it anywhere as it used to be?

james s sos 3 years ago

There are many resources and guidance about to keep the guest with the help of Booking Service. You can check some best article about it.