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How do I write a review for a guest that stayed at our place?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Renato


There is no Guest Review system at all.


However under their reservation there is  Report Guest Feature with many options including blacklisting them from future stays.




Kind Regards

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Renato

You can reply to the review they have given you as a guest, but you can't review them.

This is where BdotC is different from say Air..  bnb. 

You can select some of your guests though. It is depending on where your location is, your house/unit, what your price is, how your house/unit looks. 

If you present something chic in an upstate location with ditto interior with a higher price then average, chances are that you won't get guests who make a mess of it, unless they are drunk. 

We have a farm-stay in a very rural and quiet area. We attract hikers who most of the time are out exploring and come back tired and go to sleep early. I do have very little problems. City people that like to drink and arrive after midnight don't like to go to a place like ours. 

I still would recommend insurance and take photos of everything. Check your contents. Yes, sometimes people steal. 

Every job comes with a risk, and this is the risk I took.  


Hope it helps, 



Aaltje B.