Guset Review from the Canceled Reservation

Dear Partner,

One of the reservation which is cancelled due to payment is not done in advance within the reservation rules. But the guest has write a bad comment and rate us as a 1 point. How is it possible to rate the hotel even the guest is not hosted by the hotel?

The confirmation number and the guest's review is;

Confirmation Number: 3678436558


The worst treatment from the receptionist

One of the worst hotels I have dealt with.. I came to the hotel with my family with a confirmed reservation and the receptionist said that the reservation was not available and was evading in an inappropriate way.. I waited in the lobby of the hotel for more than an hour to find a suitable hotel and I asked the cafe for food was not tasty.. 😊 I moved to more than one hotel in Istanbul including Hilton Behavior and others and found the reservation exists and the upscale treatment.. 😊Very bad experience..

Very bad experience.


Please tell us the solution to not experience this again and please let you remove the guest review and rate as soon as possible.


Best regards,

Yasin Yalçın

Front Office Manager