Has Anyone Actually Gotten Paid by Booking.com?

Had my first guest , waited 15 days still no payment. Send all the messages to their " extranet" to the finance department and receive back the generic nonsense answers. So I googe and turns out many people are having to his problem with zero knowledge of when they will be paid . I call customer service, and they have to call you back on a secured line !? If that doesn't smell like a scam I don't know what does lol But they can't help , they want you to send a message to the same faceless finance department, that for some reason doesn't have a contact number again not a scam at all lol I go to change from booking.com processing the payment cause at this rate they are going to owe me alot of money if I don't cancel the current bookings so figured let me handle it myself, there is no option to do so . So I call customer service again and once again they have to call me back from a secure line again not a scam lol . But they can't help me they have to put the request in with that department. I'm only allowing the guest this week to stay because it would be messed up if I cancel on them last min . But after I don't get paid from this guest from booking.com by the time the guest checkout, I'm send messages to all future booked guest to cancel and if they would like to book on Airbnb . No company of this size that's not part scam handles business like this , First guest April , still not paid in June and not a single person has given me a answer, and you can't even talk to the finance department. Again not a scam at all lol  

BrookAve 1 year ago


  • Its not a scam to  call you back, its literally to protect your account.
  • yes many do get paid.
  • alot of those complaining are new and dont read everything or how it all works and what audit checks have to be done.





 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.



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