Hi all, We are new on booking with our new property and listed somewhere in feb. (mikasabeach) Booking.com sent us a message feb 20th  that our location needed to be verified.

Feb 19th we discovered address details were wrong. Our fault. apperently UI of booking allows you to enter adddress without housennumber and postal code.

Feb 22nd we came back from holiday and sent proof of address to add housenumber and postal code

Around feb 22 booking.com decided to block our property for new bookings

Feb 24th we assked to open again so we could receive bookings

Feb 26th we received an answer that they finally changed address. But yet they still blocked our property Feb 26th we asked them to unblock property since we have provided prove of address

Feb 26th they answered they sent request to the 'address verification department'

Feb 28th Still no response.

Feb 29th they again responded that request to unblock was sent to the 'address verification department'

March 4th March we begged to solve our problem. No response at all.

March 11th we again asked to help us. And outcome is clear: no response....

In the meantime we also called but servicedesk is not equiped properly to actually help us.


Almost blocked for bookings for 4 weeks, booking.com is still looking for the secret 'address verification department'. Their customer (me) is loosing bookings and yet they do not seem to care.

We (luckily) had a lot of bookings prior booking.com blocked our property and we have happy guests. Yet booking.com still is not able to draw the conclusion that address is correct ?


I am worried that If booking.com responses at all it will be : 'We have sent you a verification card' please have some patience.

Probably  sent by the secret 'address verification department' that already received request multiple times and in the meantime our property staus blocked. Even when guests already confirmed address and we have sent proof via mail :(


So again a Cry out for SERVICE. IS there someone here that can REALLY help us ?! Please ?


Luckily there also is some humor involved here: Reading part of the website of booking.com : You asked us to show more appreciation for your loyalty, your hospitality and your participation in our initiatives. That’s why we’re putting even more focus on listening, acting on your feedback, and making sure you feel valued as our partner.


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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

Unfortunately you have posted this on the partner forum, so while we are able to listen and sympathise to your issues we are not able to help.  I would suggest you contact booking.com but it seems you have done this multiple times.  Sorry I can't help more.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Kelly 


Yes this comes up a lot.

The only way is to just keep sending  them messages on the same topic and ring them every other day... it will get sorted eventually.


4 weeks to complete setup is not ok.


Kind Regards

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi Kelly Geers! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Since we have millions of properties and guests around the world, it’s important that the information we show on Booking.com is 100% accurate.


We market properties across multiple search engines and on affiliate websites, so it’s vital that we show guests the correct information right from the booking stage. This ensures their expectations are managed and their experiences are positive.


Our primary focus is to ensure that every property on our website is genuine, whether that’s in a remote rural area or a popular urban destination.


The verification of properties depends on their location and the owner’s accessibility to the property, so it might take a little longer in some cases.


We apologize for the delay. Once your property location will be verified, you will be able to go open/bookable again.


Best regards!