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I am the owner of an extremely quirky and unusual old Tavern Inn. It is an old building in need of restoration but not falling apart by any means. Being my family home it is covered in art and books. The rooms are themed for family members and so we keep them. We are not for everybody, in fact Im beginning to believe we are Marmite. My question: I have people stay here and shower me and my home with compliments. I have people wolf down my breakfasts and ask for seconds. I have had people ask me to join them for a drink and are quite jolly. We have had people whom behave badly, this also happens. But for the most part we have people whom seem very happy here, leave smiling and Then they write the most horrid and untrue reviews!

Don't get me wrong, we have had the odd mishap or mistake, we are only human, And I respect when people have real concerns, but why do people do it? why make stuff up like this? And why can't we respond with the truth and question their veracity? 

At le

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Optmize Vacations 4 years ago


I am sorry that you've to experience that.

We've all experienced less than perfect and/or unfair reviews. I recently received a 3 because I wasn't located in town - which is clearly stated in my description. I've also recieved 'unclean' kitchen remarks and scores because I was cooking dinner when guests arrived. There is nothing you can do about the review. However your response to the review speaks to your professionalism and the type of host you are. A negative host response can deter guests from booking so keep your response factual, non-emotional and positive.

Keep on being positive.

All the best !

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mrw 4 years ago

Sometimes, you can apply the guidelines of Review Department to avoid non contractual reviews ! It is the same with TripAdvisor ...

To get bad reviews does raise also credibility uponyour listing.

Seometimes,also guests do publish reviews upon the wrong listing page !

Enjoy reading ... decent reviews