A cheerful smile , A friendly word, A sympathic nod are the priceless treasues from the store house of God.

It release Oxytocin in the body of those who exhibit these attributes and also in the receiver and brings joy and happiness in the relationship. Communication is the foudation of all relationship either in business, Marriage or in God. Without communication all relationships are dead. This is what I wrote on my marriage course paper. Management and Associates ( Employees) are like husband and wife relationship. If your wife is unhappy with you then you forget about inviting guests in your house. The More harder the Management becomes the harder the employs will behave like that to your guests. The More harder regulations and rules the govt brings the more harder the management can reflect. One cannot go after 10 and lose 10 millions. One should not employ business developments managers in govts coz they will keep adding new regulations and laws to generate revenues non stop coz they want to show that they are working and what they have done. Specially in Tourism business its like direct telling not to come here when cost increases and owners cannot make breakeven. This will reflect heavy loss and businesses could shut down for peanuts. There should be a time where and when should it stop.If too many businesses shuts down coz the operating costs increase and decline in profit and it spreads to whole country. It should be hospitality not hostility .