Hotel Bedding Issue......

Hi all,

I am currently trying to source the best bedding for our boutique hotel rooms...

The bedding we currently use always seems to get really easily stained...marks on the pillow (must be hair gel). Random marks on linen after being washed etc...

Just wondering how everyone else manages....do you dispose constantly and replace with new? Is there a particularly good place to get bedding that always seems to wash and be stain free???

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Hi Southsea-Studios

This is not an easy one!

Stains on pillow covers - I guess you have tried e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Argan oil is a nasty one for stains! They give orange/brown coloured stains. And many people use it. (the dark-haired ones)

Random stains after washing could also be old water pipes under the house, or water is stained if it is coming from a scheme or a tank?

Do you wash your linen yourself? Otherwise soaking in cold water with stain remover.

You could also choose a darker colour pillow cover.

Or why not put in your info folder that you friendly request guests to look through at arrival .:" to prevent dark staining by hair products please use this extra pillow cover "- And you provide with extra one.

People know when they have oil in their hair, or just dyed it, don't they. And I am sure they won't use white pillow covers with argan oil still in hair at home!

And I am sure if you have tried everything, you also have face clothes, and makeup remover standard in your bathroom. I would. Saving you lots of hassle.

I liked this topic. You are not alone!

Thanks for sharing Southsea Owner!

Have a great weekend,

Greetings from New Zealand,

Aaltje B.

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Sharonpowney 5 years ago

I check all my towels and bedding for any grubby marks before putting in the machine, then spray with a stain remover if any marks.

Have also just sourced some dark face clothes with 'Make up' embroidered so that people do not put mascara all over my white face clothes.

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Beachbreak Hol… 5 years ago

I'm at my wits end. I have a stack of towels and linen with pale yellow stains on them that just wont come out. I have boil washed them. Soaked them in every conceivable stain remover. Bleached them. Nothing seems to shift it and some of the linen I have just purchased. Any ideas on what to try.

Another question - where do I buy good quality washing powder at cost. Buying at the store is definitely not cost effective.