How can I: 1) add cleaning fee to my property, 2) set time cut off limit for the same day reservations and 3) why app changes my policy to flex reservation when I did not choose it??

About # 2: I am trying to prevent a big problem which just happened to me. I got same day reservation at 16:00 pm. Was very inconvenient and cost more money to quickly prepare apartment for guests. Wanted to cancel, but needed 48 hours in advance. All very inconvenient 

# 3 Loosing money on that flex policy 

BrookAve 1 year ago



  1. property > policies : additional fees
  2. calendar list view  > choose room type > expand rate plan/promo > set max advanced reservation
    1. if fields missing , which by default some are hidden call or message partner support to enable all calendar fields
  3. smart flex is a free upgrade for both you and guest, at no cost to you.
    1. you can opt out. i use it and its served me well, but not all like it and so opt out



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