How can I contact the guest

How can I contact the guest if he/she didn't provide phone number on reservation they made so I can verify the time of arival
And if he/she isn't responding on pulse message or extranet

Russell Michele 5 years ago

How can I make it part of my policy to get a phone number? I have had phone numbers provided but they are "not valid" when I try to call, or they are overseas land line numbers which are expensive. The more difficult it is to get in touch with the guest, it seems the more likely they will not show up!

Andyhadjivasiliou 5 years ago

Bookingcom is a company that encourages and advertises FREE CANCELLATION aggressively. That is why it is easy to get bookings but at the same time the number of cancellations. no shows or guest ignoring host messages are higher than any other platform. If you have a free cancellation policy you are a victim of the system 100%

Jeanthaxter 5 years ago

I have a one bedroom apartment in France and I am getting a high proportion of my bookings from Russia and Poland - and the problem is communication, as I do not speak or write in Russian or Polish and they do not speak a European language. This causes endless problems with checkin etc.

How do I know where Booking.com is advertising my apartment?

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Mido 5 years ago

You can change your cancellation policy as you can charge the guest if he cancelled 3 days before or as you like or if he no show you can charge him also.

And you can control in the cancellations fees only you who can decide about it, charge the guest the total cost or only 10% or the first night only.

For the contact details and his number you can change the policy and make it not allow for the guest to book without his phone number ... and for the credit card too you can control it ....

Wish you the best :)

Best Regards,
Tahrir Square Hostel's owner
Cairo, EGYPT

Helga Coetzee 4 years ago

My guest has booked for December already in February and I cannot contact him.  I send messages via extranet but he does not respond.  What do I do?  Now I cannot open those days for bookings because the guest has not cancelled.