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How can some people can be so good at many things at once???

Hello guys!!!
Some people wonder???
How do you do so many things? When do you get the time?”
I try to explain to my friends that:
Some people are born with the capacity to juggle multiple things without much of an effort. Others just struggle to get a few things done.
Being a working mother, a happy grandmother and now a generous hostesses all I had to do to survive was to build a good habit to do many things at once...
So easy so simple...
My way of living...

Hostelinnepal 5 years ago

I agree with you but!

If we think for tomorrow and work hard with enjoying today then definitely veryone will get success very easily.

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Kibokoafrica 5 years ago

You are always straight to the point.Most people with multitasking abilities often overcomes small life challeges.This is the ability to think fast,act on a task and find a solution without struggling