How to modify parking for only one room / apartment within property?


Today I am asking for advice how to properly modify parking spots. We manage several (6) apartments (close by but different locations) under one property, most of them not providing parking. So up to now we just selected under "Policies" no parking.

However, we added an apartment that includes free parking in the same building. What is your best advice to include the parking to this particular apartment so it turns up in searches for guests, wanting to have parking, without changing the policy of the whole property? 

Any idea will help :)

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BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Kristin,


I think I would do it by :

  • Add photo with text saying ' Request Parking Space by messaging Host - Subject to availability'
  • Set up a message template for How to find us and include info about the parking
  •  Amend update the first auto message to have a section on parking that outlines the policy on how to request.
  •  Create the policy and procedure so it can be streamlined and followed by all staff.

So the framework in place , then the Guest procedure would be:


Guest informed that they must message host to request availability check.

Host responds with that and confirms after agreement is made .



Kind Regards


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Caleta Homes 3 years ago

Hi Barry, 

Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestion. That sounds about what I had in mind. The only thing will then be we would not show up in searches when guests look explicitly for accommodation with parking. I guess we can't have it all ..

Thanks again and kind regards,