I can not cancel the reservation and the client informs that he can not go

good morning my name is belisario I am new here my country Colombia I have a reservation but the client says that he does not need my accommodation
This hurts me because I can not rent my house

I cancel the reservation and is still active what can I do?
I need to cancel the reservation

please help

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pibomarco 5 years ago

Contact the guest that he should accept the cancelation request that you sent him through extranet.
Mention that he must cancel the booking, or penalty can be charged.
Contact Booking.com via phone or extranet that they should contact the guest regarding the cancelation and describe the issue.

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B&B USA 5 years ago

Did you not collect your coins? I process the payment immediately and allow for no grace period. Do What is your cancellation policy? Did you call Booking? I would call them. you process your own payments or let booking do it for you? I process my own payments you can find a group on faceook shannons airbnb raves and rants. Actually I would just keep the money and enjoy the day off cuz i get my coins