I can't get property verification of my Motel


I registered my Motel on the property system before 2 weeks but still i can't get any verify from the booking system, who can help me? i need this for my Motel !


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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

Unfortunately you have posted this on the partner forum and are unable to help with your registration problems.  Message the booking.com help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Abdullah Luqman


This is a common complaint on here from new registration partners.


1. you have to provide a proper mailing address for the listed property.

2. The letter will go to only that property.

3. Contact BdC support to arrange alternative method, but depending on your location they may make this limited.


Normally if you have gotten as far as everything submitted and just waiting for the Verify Code, you can usually proceed with rest of setup.

IF you can see menus in the Extranet such as :

Rate & Avail , Promotions, Reservations, Property, etc.


Then use the Inbox menu, Booking Messages, on right pane , click on See Contact Options

Topic : Property Details

Sub Topic: Other

Click on bottom 'ContactUs' to open message window.



Abdullah Luqman 4 years ago

Thank you, 

But still i can't get Extranet menus that's why i can't send anything or get feedback from the booking.com

BrookAve 4 years ago

Ah right so you have not actually completed the first phase of registration.


In that case use the Contact us at the bottom of the page to call the nearest office.


Also check your emails for the first emails from BdC that may actually have both phone number and a message contact method.


Since you still have not even mentioned where you and the property are based we are going into this blind, the devil is in the detail, so please share.


Note if you are not in same country as the property you likely will have great difficulty in getting them to agree to alternative options.