I received the following message along with debit notes for commission payable to them for guests who they claim to have stayed with us.


We regret to inform you that your property is temporarily suspended for the upcoming 14 days from the Booking.com platform due to a breach of the Accommodation Agreement (please refer to article 7.4 of the General Delivery Terms). The suspension is effective immediately.


The suspension is taking place because at least one of the following behaviours has been detected:


1. In some reservations the guest stayed at your property but the reservation status has been modified incorrectly on your end in order to avoid paying commission.




2. In some reservations the guest has been asked to cancel the reservation made via Booking.com and make a direct booking at your property.


These behaviours are not allowed per contractual terms.


We kindly request you to honour all outstanding reservations you have on our platform prior to the effective suspension date, regardless of whether the date of the guests’ departure is before or after the date of suspension.


We also encourage you to conduct an internal investigation and make sure that your staff are marking the reservations correctly following the standard procedure.


In accordance with the terms of the Accommodation Agreement, we also request you to pay any outstanding commission due to Booking.com BV (plus costs, expenses and interest, if applicable).


After 14 days you will have a chance to set your property’s listing bookable again - we will send you more details about this once you are eligible.



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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

You should be talking with BDC directly, not here, we are property partners the same as you and have no access to your account or communications between your guests and BDC.


It sounds like a guest(s) has reported you for one of the practices stated in the message from BDC. You will need to clarify what is going on and provide proof (once you know more) to negate the claim/complaint.


e.g. look for no show bookings, there may be occurrences where you have reported a no show and waived fees (or forgotten to waive fees) and then BDC has cross checked with the guest who claims that, by error or otherwise, that they did stay at your premises.  Now you have a potential breach of contract from your side that needs clearing up.

You should also be challenging all incorrect entries on your statements as they appear.