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I want to assess guests


Please, give all the hosts the possibility to assess guests. At the moment, travelers can write whatever they want in their reviews and we can just reply. Moreover, they can put just stars and downgrade the apartment with no explanation at all. In this case, we can't even react or ask what wrong was.

Sometimes guests' behavior is far from perfect. They smoke in apartments, invite 'girls' and make parties, break furniture and dishes, steal things, and so on. And if they write nothing, we can't do anything as well. 

It is not fair. 

I do need a mutual assessment option. At least, being reviewed, guests will think twice if they can do any stuff they want. Now they feel unpunished. Also, I'd like to warn other hosts. If a person doesn't follow the rules in my apartment, there is a big chance s/he will keep doing this in other ones as well. 

Thus, a mutual assessment will increase the responsibility and improve the communication between hosts and guests. And it will be a big step towards fair play, justice, and equal opportunities. 

I hope you will take this into account. 

Thanks in advance. 

Best regards, Inna from Kiev, Ukraine

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

Hi Inna, sometimes, we all want to review guests, but it's not worth the time or trouble .... we do have a button in the extranet where we can report guest misconduct .....

Boerke Naas 3 years ago

Complete agreement with Inna.
There is a button to report misconduct.
I did this recently because the guest had smoked in the holiday home.

Then you will only receive the following mail:
'This message is a response to the reported misconduct of the guest X X (reservation xxxxxxxxxxx): The guest has smoked in the accommodation.
We are sorry to hear that this has happened. We can imagine that this has an impact on your business.
Best regards,'

I and the following accommodations were not helped with that.

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pibomarco 3 years ago

That's a great idea, I would suggest you to join AirBnB, where as a home-rental based platform has this feature that you want. With hotel based platforms the game is little bit different.