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incorrect display of address

Hello everyone

My name is Inna Brachun, I manage the HouseHome account (2083361). I have three apartments in Kiev's city center: at 2/1 Sofiivska St., 6 Kostolna St., and 10 Mala Zhytomyrska St. According to rules, I can add them to the same account, as they are within 1 km from each other. I've done this, and now all the apartments are displayed with the same address - the address of the first apartment, 2/1 Sofiivska St. It confuses guests and makes troubles for me.

I tried to understand how a reservation looked like for my guests. My husband has booked our apartment at 6 Kostolna St. for September 13-17 via his smartphone as most of people do. He has received the confirmation, but the address in the address line was 2/1 Sofiivska St., not 6 Kostolna St. (see screenshots). Moreover, the wrong address was repeated in 'Get directions' - still 2/1 Sofiivska St., the address of my first apartment. The husband couldn't find the correct address in his confirmation at phone.

My guests were in similar situations. People don't understand this and start thinking I am a fraud or try to fool them. I have to explain every time that 2/1 Sofiivska St. is just the address connected to the account and they booked an apartment nearby.

My colleagues told me they had had similar troubles with their guests. If an owner has several apartments, only the address of the first one or the office is displayed in all the bookings.

I told a manager about this. She advised me to create a single account for every apartment. But it is not convenient. If I do this, I will have to manage at least three different accounts. So, it will erode my brand, because all the accounts will have different names. And what about owners who have 10 or 20 apartments? A new name for every item at Besides, in this case I should verify every account of mine from the very beginning and face all the limitations - confirmation of my identity, no prepayments, and so on. Now I have lots of positive reviews, and all of them work for my company. If there are several different accounts, those reviews will be useless. I will have to prove my reputation as a reliable and trustful hostess with every apartment. Ok, I can create a group account and collect all the apartments, but, anyway, first I have to make a separate account for every item. Why can't I just add my apartments to the current account and have all the addresses displayed properly?

It would be better to show the correct address of every apartment, not the general address connected to the account (i. e. the address of the first apartment or the office). Let guests understand correctly what they booked. Now they are misleaded, and many of them blame owners for this. I think, staff should mention there is a 'general' address of a company/office and the exact address of the apartment. It is better to repeat latter one at least three times in different sections.

I've sent my suggestion to Now waiting.


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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Inna,

I have went through this already and as I'm having a franchise with multiple properties linked to 1 city account, here is the solution:

1. You create 1 BDC account

2. Add all apartments as room types

3. Name each apartment like this:

- Ap. 1 - 2/1 Sofiivska St.

- Ap. 2 - 6 Kostolna St.

- Ap. 3 - 10 Mala Zhytomyrska St.

This way it will be very straight forward where these are as their names already have the address.

Then to better prevent misunderstandings, send each reservation a message from the extranet and explain for them where to find the apartment and other important information, as a welcome message.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -