incorrect guest review

Guest with the reservation number ***&*** have cancelled the booking with us & stayed at ibis Chennai sipcot. Kindly note that the booking(***) has been shown as no show in extranet. However guest have reviewed us, spoken with the guest & guest confirmed that he review a incorrect hotel. Please advise how to remove the wrong review as the guest is unable to remove the review from his side. Guest contact number ***

BTT Serviced A… 3 years ago

Hello Sayem,

this is a Partner Forum and that means that nobody from us will be able to help you.

You`ll need to contact the Booking.com Support-Team.

Best regards

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Sayem,

Sorry to hear about your problems...it has happened to me also in the past.

Guest has to call booking.com and explain to them the situation then booking.com can send guest a new email to make a new review.

Wish you luck.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sayem R


Welcome, just a reminder as per the Community Guidelines, dont share name , numbers, phone and email etc, 


We cant do anything with them any way, but the mod bot and moderators will strip them out.

Yep even when it makes logical sense to include them.


As this is Partner Hub Community and not a direct line to BdC support (or Finance) team, we can only advise based on experience and knowledge of  the system and the industry.

Share tips and tricks of how we use it etc.


In the case of the cancellation then being able to submit a review,

it sounds like the no show time passed alot further before you marked it as a No Show.

In either case yes reaching out directly to BdC support and using phone

(partner dedicated info not Customer Service [guests only]

Guide : Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide