I have a "risk free" reservation which was cancelled. Fair enough. The virtual card provided by Booking.com did not work. 

This was August 29th 2019.

I have since then attempted - via customer service to get clarification. No one can tell me anything other than profoundly appologize, and refer to a "technical team" who are working on the matter. When asked to get connected to this department it's not possible. It is also not possible for a representative of the "technical department" to contact me. My assigned account manager - is extremely difficult to get in contact with and does not seem to be able to do anything other than pass my message on.

It's not a large amount that we are chasing - but the principles behind it are a classic example of "David vs. Goliath". Now if I were to inform Booking.com that I was unable to settle my outstanding commissions with them due to "technical issues" which will be resolved when they are resolved - I can readily assure the reader that I will be hearing for their finance department, who will not be holding back on promises to close my hotel for sale, include legal and other financial represalia against my property.

Booking.com - you are NOT what you have been - when I initially started to work with you back in the early 2000's - and the manner in which you treat so called valued partners truly leaves allot to be desired.

Yes you have grown into a dominant force in on-line distribution - but try not to forget that a great part of your success can be contributed to hotels throughout the world who provide you with inventory. 

A little respect goes a long way.

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Naddy26 4 years ago

You just wrote something in my mind. I tried to contact to the customer service, they even keep to call me back 3 times because they had to ask the supervisor and at the end they emailed me which the thing which is not my point of interest anymore.


Nily Haddad 4 years ago

Wow now I am relly worried

I am working with Booking for allmost 3 yaers and now we have a new appartment that is the second one and working since July 19.

To my surprise it seems that I can not see credit card details and it is all going to be paid by Booking.

Although the payment  only in the 15 of the next monthe from the Check In?



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pibomarco 4 years ago

Booking.com was *** in the early 2000's! It is so much better to work with them now comparing to 2009+.

I don't know how it works with you, but for my canceled Risk free bookings the payout is deducted from the commission invoice. 

@Nily in extranet under "Finance" there is a "Your payouts settings". You can select 4 times a month or once a month. 


Sirma 4 years ago

They are horrible indeed