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What are you doing when the guest forgets belongings??

I go to the post office at least once a week with some belongings.


Try to call the guest. If far away already, get the address to send to.

Pack, and away to post office.

(Value under a T-shirt I keep, do not contact)

Yesterday: A pair of gold earrings in bed. I call the visitor, But their phone was in the room as well. Forgot Phone and Earrings.

I go to the post office, with the phone in the box (on) 

Actually, I don't know, but lots of work and it cost, 

What to do??

Hi From Lucy


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Lucy,


I would recommend a simple policy of :


1 Use the message system to contact guest and advise of the belongings. If guest gone longer than 7 days messages will not be delivered. See if the phone number is still viewable and try that.


2. Alternatively message BdC support team and mention it and let them make contact to the guest.


3. Should both parties agree to return the itms by post the guest has to accept all responsibility, as post systems are not 100% guaranteed. Items can go lost en route.



Kind Regards

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Lucy,

Very thoughtful of you to return belongings to guests but if this is happening so often it certainly is a lot of work and cost.

Of course post charges should be paid by guests if they want their belongings to be send b tack to them. 

Maybe it would be better for you Lucy to return  belongings to guests by courier services instead of you going to the post office.

Wish you a beautiful day.