Life and business after COVID19


Like me, I am sure many of you have faced terrible loses due to this horrendous crisis.

I am also sure that many of you are also absolutely appalled by the lack of support and the complete lack of respect for our businesses.  Many of us have faced terrible loses and had absolutely no control due to B.Com overriding our policies.

B.Com has, since changed the policy regarding FM situation, which is a good step forward.

Other platforms have issues public apologies for there thoughtless application of policies and have made changed to rectify and correct the situation as best as possible.

I see no apology from B.Com. And I still see in the fine print that they reserve the right to go back to old policy at any time.

What is very concerning to me as a partner is the complete lack of respect B.Com that has for its partners. Their role in this relationship is completely skew. We are treated like employees and not partners. This is unacceptable.

We are their partners and OUR guests are OUR guests and not the guests of B.Com. This fact is even contained within the contract for the guest when they make a booking.

I also am concerned also that still there is absolutely no policy regrading FM situations for the partners, and our protection.

What is becoming increasingly worrying is that all this is making B.Com a business liability with huge risk.

The trust factor is most certainly failing. From one moment to next, we have no clue as to what will be next. The policies, T/C’s seem to change as when it suites B.Com.

There are many companies that will fail after this crisis. Some companies bigger that B.Com

Everything has changed. We need to think differently, and we need to think on our feet to match the new traveller.

I know for a fact, that even though B.Com was my best source of bookings, they are also the biggest risk.

I will be making every effort to find better, safer ways to market my properties. I am sure many of us will be doing the same.


Just empty words. I see nothing that resembles this philosophy
Just empty words. I see nothing that resembles this philosophy


Beaconsfield Farm 3 years ago

I totally agree.  I am still receiving emails from BC to refund deposits to guests, otherwise they will either charge-back or bill me for it.  AirBnB are paying 25% of each cancelled booking to their hosts, but all BC seem to do is take from the hand that feeds them!

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Authenticbelgr… 3 years ago


Yes, you are right. Airbnb is showing at least some respect and understanding. 25% of the cancellation fee is perhaps not a big amount, but it will help you pay some bills when your income is zero.


Jcwren1966 3 years ago

It is disgusting. 

We have to keep fighting or they will continually walk all over us