Listing Capacity Capped at "4" When my Property can hold 14.

Hey all,


I am new to booking.com, and I have had a couple of issues. This one is the biggest one though, and I will lay it out for you. Hopefully you all can help faster than the booking.com employees. 

When I go to my listing on booking.com, it says that it can hold up to 14 people, yet when I do a search for a property in the city for 5-14 people, it doesn't show. It only shows for up to four people.


Should I call booking? 



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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there,

Thanks for posting.

According to my knowledge it should definitely show if you do a search for anything under the amount. Did you filter for Group bookings? Perhaps it's set that it takes min 14 people although I believe that's quite impossible.

Hopefully one of the other partners will be able to answer this better.

Best of luck!