Listing issue

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I just joined Booking.com and I'm not sure about my listing. We are running a Villotel which consist in a large property with 7 private Villas. 

During the listing process, I follow the step of listing a 'Villa', and then multiple Villa in a same location. However, as my listing is now complete, I can't add any villas, I've got only 1 villa listed and there is no option to add more accommodations. 

So 2 options: 1. Update the listing, but I can't find anyway to update it

                      2. Delete the listing and re-start the process maybe under hotel which can be easier but again, I can't find anyway to delete the listing or 'how to communicate' with Booking.com in regards of getting some assistance 

Thank you in advance, 


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jaybeegee 4 years ago

I think you can achieve this by going to the admin portal and under the menu option property > property layout > add new property (same address)