Little support from booking.com

When a issue arises has anyone had very little support from Booking.com?


Particularly on weekends there seems to be no support other than answering the phone?

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Booking.com support is normally useless. "Computer says no". "Sorry, we don't provide that service". etc etc etc. It goes on and on and on and often, they are wrong - it is junior staff (who I refer to in support emails as "minions") who simply reply without looking at problems or at what the previous "minion" said. I can see why so many people give up with Booking.com - very frustrating.

More recently, I've sent in a couple of support emails and had phone calls shortly afterwards from a 1(888) number and the person on the phone has actually been helpful. I posted in this forum about adding a property only to find it restricted to "Cash only" and within 2 hours, had a phone call to say they had changed the settings and we could now take payments through Payments by Booking.com.

Don't give up. Send support messages, very detailed, and ask that it is passed to a manager or someone who *does* know and *can* help ..... be persistent .....