Location Verification


I joined booking.com since 4 months, Everything was going well. 

Then they closed our property because of location verification, We waited the letter code 25 days, We did not received it. 

We requested it again, we have waited another 25 days, And we didn't received it. 

We uploaded a video with all requested conditions, they rejected it after 3 weeks of waiting. 

We submitted another video, since 3 months we are waiting, We called customer service like 50 times, 40 messages, everybody saying "There is no time frame, you have to wait, we sent a complaint to the team... 


Is there any solution ?

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Hi @Basel Tarawneh, is this solved now? I'm so sorry that you have put so much effort and it is taking a while for your property's location to be verified.

I checked this within our teams and currently the time a video location verification takes can vary. Our teams are doing their best to help as fast as possible. 

In the meantime, I’d like to share a couple of articles on location verification you might find useful:



I am happy to support you here with information in the best way I can!

Otherwise, feel free to contact our teams again by calling them or sending a message via your extranet inbox.

I hope that your property's location will be verified very soon. My best wishes!


Amanda Riley 1 year ago

HI Booking.com

I am in a similar situation. Letter never received to verify location.

Couldn't get down to my property (6hr return trip away) to do a video as I had guests through booking.com each weekend.

Requested alternative method - waited a month with no response from the booking.com location verification team.  

Finally had a weekend with no guests so made the long journey to take the video. Uploaded the video almost a week ago. No response so far. I have had to pay over $1500 out of pocket in cleaning/hosting service to continue to service booking.com guests plus mortgage payments whilst booking.com are not paying me for my service. Close to $4000 owed to me with no end in site. 

I have tried using extranet messages to get customer service to assist, have been advised on numerous occasions just have to wait for the verification team. I have put through a complaint using the link on extranet - same response.

I have read every article on location service verification. I have done everything I can on my end with no sense of urgency or support from booking.com from there end. A small operator like myself cannot survive this long with no payment or booking opportunities. Please advise how I get this resolved quickly?