Location Verification

We have been waiting for Booking.com to verify the location of our property since March. We have requested on the extranet for a new code several times as well as constantly messaging them and telephoning them. We keep getting told that they have escalated to the local team that deals with this and that they will contact us to verify the location using video call but again this never happened and then they asked for a link to our AirBNB listing to verify the property which we did then they requested we place a # at the beginning of the listing so they can finalise the verification and make sure it is active. We again did this and are still waiting for it to be verified. We receive post so don’t know why we have never received the code by post. We have guests from Booking.com that have stayed at the property and also written reviews so if the location wasn’t correct the guest would have issues with check in. It is very frustrating because they place payment restrictions so we can’t access the guests credit card details until the property location is verified and guests get upset with us because they have already provided these details to Booking.com. Not really acceptable to be waiting 9 months and you can’t even talk to the people you need to and the customer service team say they can only send them a message. Verification code request

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear Benjamin, thank you for posting in the community! When joining Booking.com, you need to verify your property’s location to make sure guests can easily find it on arrival. In your case your property is live and you have already guests stayed. That means that at this point the location verification is not compulsory. If we need help to verify your property, our support team will contact you to discuss it. Best of Luck!

ulla provoost 3 years ago

Oh I have the same problem!

I did not receive any code. I asked for it 3 times.

In the mean time they blocked my account. I called 3 times to get this problem solved, nothing happened.

My property is a new building maybe that is why? 

My property has been rented so it really exists and it is a nice place to stay, brand new.

I am missing a lot of revenues, PLEASE HELP !

Suzanne Duncan 3 years ago

i have tried to contact booking.com with same issue keep getting told that the relevant team will deal with issue ,phoned twice messaged 3 times , still nothing from booking.com no email or messages

Alison Foster 1 year ago

Hi am having the same problem keep ringing but just get put through to customer services.

How do i confirm my location, i have not received a letter either.