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Minimum Stay Changed, But Not By Us - Was it BDC?

We set a minimum stay of 7 nights in school summer holidays - we do this on all booking channels

We have some double bookings caused by, so on some properties, we blocked one night in a 7 night gap on AirBnB - this makes it unbookable on all booking channels due to the 7 night minimum stay - and it means we can clearly see the gap (5 nights) - it allows us to check all the double bookings and move people around

But then we had a 5 night booking in from When we checked the calendar, it's a minimum 7 nights throughout the school holidays, except for the 5 nights that just got booked.

We didn't change the settings to 5 nights, someone else did.

As usual, asking support what happened / who changed it etc gets nowhere. Brick wall.

Does anyone know if there is a bug in the systems that can change our minimum stays? Or would this be a change that did manually without our permission?

Skyline10 2 years ago

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: There are a huge number of bugs in all of the system - currently in messaging.  Here's a great one: If you add a comment to your response to a refund request, some idiot at is publishing them on the guest's message pages!  So if you agree a refund to avoid hosting an obviously difficult guest, and add a note telling why you are doing this, the guest gets to read it!  It should be hilarious, but gets you into all sorts of trouble, LOL.