Mistaken bad review

Hi all, this is my first post here. We have been using booking.com for nearly 2 years now, with great success. Our review rating in 8.9... was 9.1.  We are a small family business renting out some self catering apartments in Makati, Manila Philippines. The apartments are old but renovated and well maintained.

Recently we had a guest, who extended one night directly with us... the day they checked out, we got a bad review from them, it even mentioned the bad breakfast... we don’t offer breakfast. We confronted the guest directly, and they claimed that it was meant for a different place they stayed... and they were appologetic. 

However, they were unable to change the review. We contacted booking.com and asked if they could do something. They will email the guest, but I’m not confident anything will happen.

Has anyone had a similar experience and what did you do about it? 

Thanks, Guy Hayklan - Makati Suites at Travelers Inn 

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Kravfish 5 years ago

I have had the same experience. As long as you address it in replying to your bad review the people booking can read for themselves that it wasn't meant for you.

Then all of your great reviews will be immediately noticed and people are smart :)

Best wishes!