HI everyone do not normally do this but have been encouraged to do this because of our 9.6 traveller review award which we achieved ,we started our business last year after travelling around the uk using booking.com for accomodation we escaped from the rat race and purchased two cottages in southern ireland it took us 12 mnths ish to get the first cottage up and running living in it at the time that way we made sure that if we were happy living in it other people would be to as we do have very high standards if you reach high standards in the beginning it makes it easier to keep it at that level for the future ,this cottage was going to be our income, once up and running we moved next door into the cottage number two to live and put the first cottage on booking .com, another challange then to get our other cottage up and running and ready to live in, it was a lot of hard work [you dont get anywhere without it],we both became electricians ,plumbers, painters,chippies,gardeners,interior designers,heating engineers photographer ect and of course a few heated moments anyway after all this hard work and dedication myself and June achieved our 9.6 score there is a lot more to add as you can imagine but thats enough for now just thought it would be good to share  a snap shot of our success ,,,Dennis and June

3 years ago

Hello Dennis Cambridge! Thank you for sharing your amazing experience! Congratulations and welcome to our Community!

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dennis and June hard work...but you were awarded by your guests and that is a reason for you to celebrate.

Congatulations and wish you a great season ahead...