HELP _ I am in chaos with people booking for periods I cannot honour and prices I cannot honour. Your procedure allows you to go live with the ice day rate without allowing you to set seasonal rains first or change over dates or minimum stay period I'm going through dreadful stress please switch off my listings until you can help meI AM IN CHAOS WITH PEOPLE BOOKING FOR PERIODS I CANNOT HONOUR AND PRICES I CANNOT HONOUR. YOUR PROCEDURE ALLOWS YOU TO GO LIVE WITH THE ICE DAY RATE WITHOUT ALLOWING YOU TO SET SEASONAL RAINS FIRST OR CHANGE OVER DATES OR MINIMUM STAY PERIOD I'M GOING THROUGH DREADFUL STRESS PLEASE SWITCH OFF MY LISTINGS UNTIL YOU CAN HELP ME

BrookAve 3 years ago

Only you can do it.


1. First close all availability,  either open close rooms feature or calendar list view


2. This is why you should first read all guides under partner help above for First Steps. It's a common mistake several new partners make.


3.You are only addressing partners , not BdC support team.



Check out youtube, search for booking.com as there are also several how to videos, and some by other partners.


Kind regards