My invitation to join a network not working


As you can see I've joined this network and have access to a group of properties already. However, I've started helping another person with different properties and they've sent me an invitation to join their network to a different email address. When I tried to complete this and log in, it wasn't working and I got the message this invite was meant for someone else. Can you please help me link these two networks together or tell me how to manage this as I currently can only have access to one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Mirjana


Honestly not a clue what you are talking about. 


I have never seen a 'network ' feature on here in 12 + months.


This sounds like a scam, or you've badly described something else.


Being on here, using the partner hub community forum ,is the 'network' here.


There is nothing else. There is no linking of anything.


I think you have got the wrong end of the stick.



Kind Regards



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Account Adviso… 3 years ago

Hi Mirjana,


Your existing login will allow you access to your current group of properties. It seems that you have been invited as a user for these additional properties when you were helping your friend out (essentially creating a new login).


We do not have the functionality to link two logins together. However, if you need to have access to all properties under one login, you will need to reach out to your local partner support through the Extranet.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.